vwk38 Twin Weber 34ICT Kit for Type 25 (Watercooled)

vwk38 Twin Weber 34ICT Kit for Type 25 (Watercooled)

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Twin Weber ICT34 carburettor kit including manifold adaptors to suit VW T25 watercooled installations. (Waterboxer)

  • Genuine Weber 34 ICT carburettors – not Chinese copies Genuine Weber 34 ICT carburettors.
  • EMPI hexagon bar linkage kit with metal rose joints and polished lever arms.
  • CB performance  twin port manifolds with top and bottom gaskets, studs, nuts & washers.
  • Manifold adaptor plates + gaskets
  • Air filters
  • Blanking caps for carburettor vacuum take-offs.

Jetted for 2.0L engine as standard, for other sizes please contact us before purchasing.

Kits do not come with unions or pipes for joining / blanking off the existing water pipes or vacuum servo, or for providing for a fuel return.

Due to increasing engine bay temperatures, especially with the extra heat created by the ethanol levels in modern fuels, and the inherently poor cooling system on an air cooled flat 4 engine, it is strongly recommended that insulation gaskets are used when fitting Weber conversions on these engines to minimize the chances of potential heat damage to the carburettors. The use of a fuel cut off solenoid is also advised, to avoid fuel syphoning into the engine due to the position of the fuel tank.


Please note: These can take a few days to dispatch.