vwk23 Type 4 Twin Port Twin 34ICT Kit with Hex Bar Linkage 1700cc - 2000cc

vwk23 Type 4 Twin Port Twin 34ICT Kit with Hex Bar Linkage 1700cc - 2000cc

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Twin Weber 34ICT carburettor kit to suit type 4 VW & Porsche 914 aircooled engines. Featuring EMPI hexbar linkage and type 4 manifolds.

This kit now also features Eurocarb exclusive air filters with a much-increased airflow and potential for more BHP over the previous pancake style.

Genuine Weber 34 ICT carburettors – not Chinese copies

If you have been quoted a cheaper price they will either be Chinese made or not jetted to suit.

This kit includes:

  • Genuine Weber 34 ICT carburettors jetted to suit.
  • EMPI hexagon bar linkage kit with metal rose joints and polished lever arms.
  • Eurocarb type 4 manifolds with top and bottom gaskets, studs, nuts & washers.
  • Round air filters (52mm fitting neck, 96mm tall).
  • Air filters supplied with breather elbows and optional ports on the bases of the filters.
  • Heat insulators between carburettors and manifolds
  • Blanking caps for carburettor vacuum take-offs

Approximate height of completed manifold/carburettor/air filter when assembled is 250mm from the centre of engine port.

These carburettors are re-jetted to suit engine size. Please note that whilst this re-jetting works very well for 95% of applications based upon many years of experience, it is not guaranteed to be perfect in every instance.  Some fine-tuning may occasionally be necessary.


Please note: These can take a few days to dispatch.