Autoglym Supreme Car Collection

Autoglym Supreme Car Collection

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Supreme Car Care Collection

Clean your entire car, inside and out, with this supreme collection of nine car cleaning products and three accessories for that perfect finish.

Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner 500ml
Rapid Ceramic Spray 500ml
Super Resin Polish 325ml
Fast Glass 500ml
Clean Wheels 500ml
Instant Tyre Dressing 500ml
Wheel Protector 300ml
Interior Shampoo 500ml
Vinyl & Rubber Care 500ml
Microfibre wash mitt
Hi-tech Finishing Cloth
Hi-Tech AquaDry Cloth

Clean your entire car from wheels and windows to paintwork and plastic with this comprehensive kit. Long-lasting protective products will enhance your car inside and out. Premium accessories are included, for ultimate car care perfection.

We recommend to use the products in the following order to get the best results:

1. Clean your wheels with our Clean Wheels 500ml.

2. Wash your car with the Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner.

3. Finish your wheels with our Instant Tyre Dressing and finally apply the Wheel Protector.

4. Polish the car with Super Resin Polish.

5. Apply the wax with Rapid Ceramic Spray.

6. Finally clean the windows with Fast Glass and touch up plastic & rubber with our Vinyl & Rubber Care.

7. Continue inside by applying the Interior Shampoo.

8. Use Vinyl & Rubber care inside if required

9. Finish with cleaning the windows with Fast Glass inside the car The accessories can be used within the different stages of cleaning the car. Like buffing your car after applying polish & wax or the wash mitt when using the car shampoo. Full instructions for the usage of each product can be found on each individual pack.